Easy Web Me LTD is a new, fresh, forward thinking web design company providing great web design and Online & Internet marketing.

We know that there are many other Web design or Internet marketing companies out there. That’s why we try to take a slightly different approach to others and try look at things a little differently.

With an innovative and fresh view of Information Technology, the Internet, Social Media platforms and how they integrate into modern business. We know that it is not simply good enough to only use glamorous design or traditional search engine optimisation techniques.

Come Help Us Make the Web a Better Place.

To survive in the modern and dynamic arena that the Internet has now become, a business needs to make use of all available technology, mashing up different technologies and techniques. Yet it also has to some how manage retain control and maximise efficiency of these efforts. Here at Easy Web Me LTD we do this through the modern use of traditional methodologies brought up-to-date through agile techniques. Combining ‘old’ with ‘new’ if you like, using tried and tested techniques with a modern approach.

Our Goals & Objectives

Business Needs

Our business serves the Web design & Internet Marketing needs for all different sizes of businesses, whether they be small, medium or large enterprises.

We provide a specific range of Web design and Internet Marketing services to help your company get its corporate message across. Designed to target valued customers bringing to you the customer traffic your business deserves.

Human Resources

HR goes far beyond hiring. We deal with (among other things) maintaining morale within our great organisation, creating motivational compensation plans, creating and maintaining performance-appraisal programs.

On top of that all we ensure that important information about our fantastic benefits and helping employees maintain and develop their skills. If you’d like to join a fun, diverse team that values quality and awesomeness please contact us using the contact form below.

Our Goals

Our goal is to make it easy for companies and organisations alike to reach to their customers online leaving you more time to add value to your customer sales and products.

The Easy Web Me LTD approach is easy to understand. We want to keep it simple silly (K.I.S.S) and to deliver great results through a proven methodical, systematic and innovative design process.


When you join Easy Web ME, you’ll get to:

Work on Products that ship and makes a difference to our customers

Have coffee with our Execs

Work with other amazing team mates from around the world

Have the opportunity to become a product expert. Then you can wow your friends at the pub and tell them how you are developing cool whizbang vizzes

Score some awesome t-shirts

Be mentored by super smart awesome people


With over 15 years of Web design, Internet marketing and IT experience within the team here at Easy Web Me LTD, you know you’ll be in good hands.

We look forward to supporting you all the way through your project, end to end.

Risk & Security

At Easy Web Me, we adopt a risk based approach that allows us to prioritise activities based on the likelihood and consequence of a risk being realised, to maximise business outcomes while minimising the occurrence or effects of events that may negatively affect outcomes.

Risk management is the identification, assessment and prioritisation of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimise, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unforeseen events.

Security risk management is the specific culture, processes and structures that are directed towards maximising the benefits of security in support of business objectives.

Life Inside Our Office

The environments in which we spend time have powerful effects on our physical and emotional wellbeing. Mood is such an important factor in business productivity and employee satisfaction that we have invested significantly in designing our workplaces to maximise them and make them a great place to work.

Let's Work Together

Due to our small nature, we can only handle a limited number of clients concurrently to ensure we maintain our mission and live our core values.

We can offer tailor made packages including one or more of our services; web design, UI/UX, web production, online marketing, SEO/SEO, content production, and Google Adwords.

So let us meet you, on a call, video conference or maybe a for a coffee and see how we can help.